Top Tips for Camping During Autumn

The natural beauty in autumn is mesmerizing, so it’s no wonder that it’s popular to camp out during it. We highly recommend the experience, and we have some tips for you if you’re planning on camping during the fall.

Location, Location, Location

Choosing where you want to camp is one of the most important aspects. Do your research and make sure to go somewhere with the right kind of scenery and amenities for you.

Foliage On Your Mind

A big bonus to camping in the fall is the gorgeous, changing leaves. Do a little research while planning your trip to make sure it’s not too early/too late to enjoy the beauty of autumn.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

This one is trickier the further you plan out, but camping during unpleasant weather can be, well… unpleasant. Try to plan your trip for a better weather weekend if you can.

Pack to Please

Make sure that you bring everything you need to be out in that frosty weather. Pack what you normally do, along with:

  • A cold-weather proof rechargeable battery (we recommend one of ours)
  • A reliable tent
  • Cold-weather sleeping bag
  • Clothes that are good for layering
  • Cooking equipment (to make some delicious fall-themed eats to keep you warm)
  • Water-proof tarps
  • Sleeping pads (to help you stay warm at night)
  • Warm, comfortable, weather-proof footwear
  • Extra fuel (more than you would need in the summer)
  • Extra water
  • Extra food (more than you normally need on summer camping trips)
  • Camping string lights (to help set the mood)
  • Rechargeable camera (to catch the natural beauty you’re surrounded by)
  • Electric heater (with safety and automatic shut-off features)
  • Hot water bottle

Plan Activities Accordingly

The days are shorter during fall, and being stuck out in the quickly dropping temperatures once the sun goes down is dangerous. It’s important to know when the sun goes down where you’re at so you can plan your hikes and other activities accordingly.

Mind the Mammals

Fall is a mating season for some animals, so give them a lot of room and try to stay away from them as much as possible. Safety first!

Stay Warm

It can be easier than you might think to get too cold when you’re outside in the autumn. Make sure to layer-up and build a fire when safe and necessary so that you don’t get hypothermia or frostbite.

Savor the Moments

Lastly, and possibly the cheesiest suggestion we have, savor the moments!  We recommend bringing a digital camera and a journal to help capture the memories of your adventures. Fall is fleeting, and it’s always good to make the most of the moment.


We hope these tips helped you! We also hope that you’ll take one of our batteries along for the ride to #PowerYourAdventure.

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