Question Answer
What Does LiFePo4 Stand For? Lithium Iron Phosphate
What is the warranty period? 10 years.
Are there things that void the warranty? Yes, removing serial number, overcharging, overdischarging, operating outside published environment, shorting the terminals.

Other items that can void your warranty are:

1. Accident, abuse, misuse, or unauthorized repair or modification.

2. Damage caused by exceeding the maximum charging current which is in the operation manual and installation guide.

3. Damage caused by exceeding the voltage in the operation manual and installation guide.

4. Damage caused by operating the unit in temperatures beyond the value in the operation manual and installation guide.

5. Damage caused by exceeding the highest discharge current in the operation manual and installation guide (discharging with a higher current may result in the capacity fade).

6. Reduced battery capacity due to excessive discharges.
I bought 4 12V 300AH batteries to make a 24V 600AH battery pack. In the 24V 600AH group, is the maximum continuous charging current still 100A and the 12V 300AH batteries you bought will be made into 2S2P (2 in series, 2 in parallel). It can reach 25.6V 600AH. Maximum support 200A charging, 400A discharge.
Where are your batteries made? Our products are made in China. All lithium iron phosphate batteries are produced in China. Many American sellers also purchase lithium iron phosphate batteries in Shenzhen, China. We provide quality assurance service, you can buy with confidence.

Our factory is Located in Shenzhen, China.
Does this battery need a battery box for winter use? If you install it indoors, no battery case is needed.

When the ambient temperature is lower than 32°F (0°C), ordinary lithium iron phosphate batteries cannot be charged but can be discharged.
Is the battery waterproof? Yes. Our battery is waterproof. The IP level is IP65. This IP grade indicates that water will not enter the product when you put it outside on a rainy day. Normal rain, the water will not affect the product;

But this IP level cannot support to place the battery in deep water for a long time.
Can I charge it with solar panels and MPPT charge controller? Yes. You can charge with solar and MPPT however, you have to input the battery settings. If your MPPT has custom settings then use the charge profile in the operating manual. If your MPPT only has battery type settings then they recommend flooded with absorption at 14.6 and float at 13.7.
What happens in case of a warranty claim? Would I have to ship the battery to China or do you have a representative in the US? We provide ten-year warranty service. More detailed content can be viewed on the product page, which has detailed warranty claims. We have an after-sales service center in California, USA. Our agents will give you the address when an RMA (Return Material Authorization Number) is issued. Just send the battery back to the California after-sales service center.
At what percentage of remaining capacity does the BMS disconnect from loads? The BMS disconnects loads when a cell in the pack falls below the minimum prescribed voltage. When we determine pack capacity (100Ah), the measurement is made from this low voltage to full charge. So based on the rated capacity, there is 0% remaining when the BMS enters low voltage disconnect.
What's the battery group size and/or dimensions? The battery dimensions are 330 x 173 x 215 mm (12.96 x 6.81 x 8.46")  (L x W x H). Similar to a group 27 lead-acid battery.
How long do I have to return a defective Battery after a Return Material Authorization is issued? 30-days.
My MPPT solar charge controller has 3 charge settings: gel, sealed, and flooded. Will "gel" setting properly charge this battery? Buy the new upgrade digital lithium solar charge controller. With this model, you can do everything at a reasonable price.

PowMr 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 60 amp 12V 24V auto - 60 amp Charge Controller MPPT Max Input 100V, 780W/1560W for Lead-Acid, Lithium Batteries with Load Timer Setting. $102 on Amazon as of 08-05-2021.
What is the operating temperature range? Will the battery work in very cold weather (0 degrees Fahrenheit)? The Operating Temperature is as follows:

1. Charging Temperature: 32 °F (0°C) to 113°F (45°C).

2. Discharge Temperature: -4°F (-20°C) to 140° F (60°C).

The battery can be used (or discharged) at temperatures as low as -4°F. However, the battery will not accept a charge below 32°F. So the conditions would need to warm up before the integrated BMS (Battery Management System) would allow it to be charged. We have an optional battery that is self-heating which can operate at lower temperatures.
What is the charging temperature range on your self-heating batteries? 1. Charging Temperature: -31°F (-35°C) to 122°F (50°C).

2. Discharge Temperature: -4°F (-20°C) to 140° F (60°C).

3. If it is a 4-string LiFePo4 battery pack, the charge protection voltage is 3.65V=14.6V, and the discharge protection voltage is 2.5V*4=10V
I Have a 150AH 12V AGM battery in my stealth camping van. Considering replacing with lithium, but have concerns about hot the Nevada summertime temps. Should I be concerned? Don't be concerned. Our LiFePo4 Batteries have had no problems with ambient temperatures of 108-110 degrees.
Aside from the dimensions, what are the differences between these batteries and the GC2 batteries which are $100 more? Is one better for off-grid living? The battery functions are the same. The difference is the placement of the terminals. The GC2 has the terminals on the front of the battery so they can stack easily for a home solar system. The 10012's are on top like a regular car battery. Most RV's are set up to take regular batteries.
Is there a chart for battery percentage? Yes we have a depth of discharge chart. Please e-mail and we can send it over. Attachment to the right.
How many times can these batteries be discharged completely to zero percent? 2000 times.
Are these lithium-ion batteries or lithium iron batteries? Both terms are used in the description and there is a difference. Lithium Iron Phosphate.
Do you need a special charger for this battery? Yes, it needs to be able to handle LiFePO4 batteries. We recommend Chargers from Progressive Dynamics and Victron, but there are many fine choices out there.
What charger is recommended for this battery? I have a charger that has options for standard, AGM and gel. Would this work? Please use a charger intended for LiFePo4 batteries.
Can this battery be completely discharged to zero vs. 50% or will it affect the cycles long term? You will get much better life from your battery if your depth of discharge is no lower than 85% (15% remaining on the battery)
I have an RV using dual 12V lead-acid batteries. Can I simply replace them with these? Some people use the existing chargers on their RV, but this will shorten the battery life. It is better to replace the charging circuit in your RV with a drop in replacement from Progressive Dynamics.
I'm considering these for a 48V golf cart with a solar panel on the roof. A lithium charger is better but will a standard charger also work? It can with a little effort. If you can adjust the settings: Set the Bulk/Absorption Charge for 14.2-14.6V, the Float Charge to "off" or at 13.6V, Equalization to "off" or below 14.6V. For a 24V system, multiply those numbers by 2. For a 48V system, multiply those numbers by 4.
What will the voltage read at 80 % discharge? 11.3V DC. The BMS will shut off the battery at 10.8V.
Will 4 of these batteries work with a 3500-watt inverter? Yes, as a rule of thumb say 1000W per battery. So four would work, but if you want the inverter to supply power longer, you can put more in parallel.
What is the best charger controller for this battery? We recommend PD9100L series or PD4600 series. You can also use Victron LiFePo4 chargers.
I have a camper van and most of my charging comes from the engine. How do these batteries do if they are always charged from an auto alternator? It is best not to charge these batteries with your alternator because LiFePO4 batteries have a lower internal resistance and could draw too much power.
What gauge of wire should I use? First, determine how many watts you will be discharging at once. Then convert that to Amps. Once you have the Amps figured out, use the ABYC chart for amps and cable length. Use the size in the chart.
Can you leave the batteries in a camper over the winter if disconnected? Yes.
Can I charge it in my car a using a battery isolation solenoid? It is possible but we don't recommend it. A car alternator won't fully charge your LiFePo4 battery.
What is the Return Policy? If an item is unused, in its original packaging, the customer can return the units within a 45-day period with no restocking charge.

If the item has been used, we will determine the restocking fee based on the condition of the battery. An estimate will be provided together with the RMA number. Batteries 60 days past the original invoice will be reviewed at AmeriAmp’s sole discretion.
These charge much faster than lead/acid batteries. Do I need larger gauge wires to accommodate faster charge and discharge? You can only determine that by knowing how much the charger delivers in amps. The other consideration is the number of amps your load draws. You can increase the gauge of wire some to give you extra margin.
I was wanting to put this battery on my little camper. Will it hurt it to be charged off the vehicle's alternator while traveling? It's possible but not recommended as the battery will not fully charge.
What is the temperature which this battery will work in? If its below freezing will it still charge? The Operating Temperature is as follows:

1. Charging Temperature: 32°F (0°C) to 113°F (45°C).

2. Discharge Temperature: -4°F (-20°C) to 140° F (60°C).

The battery can be used (or discharged) at temperatures as low as -4°F. However, the battery will not accept a charge below 32°F. So the conditions would need to warm up before the integrated BMS (Battery Management System) would allow it to be charged. We have an optional battery that is self-heating which can operate at lower temperatures.
Can I use this for starting battery in car? Deep cycle batteries are not intended to start vehicles so it is not recommended.
Will the BMS protect the battery from charging at freezing temperatures? Yes.
Can this be used to replace the chassis battery in my van? No. We do not support that as it is the wrong type battery for that.
How heavy is your battery? Approximately 12 KG / 26.4 pounds.
Can I use a Battery Temperature Sensor with this battery? Yes, you can use battery temperature sensor if you like.
I am looking at this for a second battery in my bus. Can it be charged by a regular alternator along with a lead acid battery? No. It is not advisable to mix battery types. You could use two LiFePo4 batteries but they will only charge to 90% with a car alternator.
What is the C rating on a battery? The C rating for a LiPo battery refers to the capacity of energy the battery can safely discharge, represented as a multiple of its overall capacity. A battery that has a higher C rating delivers more energy, and that means higher performance. This battery is rated at 1C.
Why would I buy this battery instead of a much cheaper 100Ah 12V SLA battery? You will get 3000-5000 cycles on a LiFePo4 battery compared to 1,000 times with a SLA battery. Also, you can discharge down to 20% versus 50% with a lead acid. Our warranty is 10-years vs. the typical 1-year warranty on a lead-acid battery.
Can your 12V batteries be configured for 48V DC? Yes, connect 4 in series to get 48V.
Your battery's specification says it can deliver 100 amps continuous but the manual said" "will not allow a current that exceeds 100 (+/ - 5%) amps for 30s"? I'm confused. The key word is exceeds. If you exceed 100A, you can do so no longer than 30 seconds.
Can your LiFePo4 batteries be used in conjunction with lead acid batteries? No. You cannot mix battery chemistries.
Is your battery composed of smaller cylindrical cells or are they the large rectangular prismatic cells inside? Our batteries are composed of cylindrical cells.
How many can be hooked in series? You can hook 4 in series or 4 in parallel. You can hook 6 in parallel with our BP100-012-LFP-BT.
How much faster do these charge compared to a lead acid battery when using AC power source? You can charge them at a 100A current level. This is a very fast rate of charge. Theoretically you can charge a battery in an hour with a 100 Amp Charge. However, please be careful to use heavy gauge wire when doing so or you might cause potential for fires.
How can I tell if my current RV battery charger will work with this battery? Most RVs in the past charged lead-acid batteries which only charge the batteries up to 13.2V. A LiFePo4 battery will charge up to 14.6V when fully charged.
Would like to put 2 of these batteries in my travel trailer that has a WFCO converter/charger. Will this charger work? We advise against using the LiFePO4 batteries with any "converter". The converters are made for maintaining the 12 volt system when on shore power. (Or a generator). There generally is not a charging profile for LiFePo4 batteries. You should use a battery charger in the 55 amp to 60 amp size instead.
I use an electric wheelchair for mobility. I keep having to replace my deep cycle AGM batteries. Can LiFoPo4 batteries be used instead? Yes! Just make sure you use a different charger that is compatible with LiFePo4 batteries.
I hear LiFePo4 batteries hold their charge until depleted, so how do I know their charge status?

If you ordered the battery with the Bluetooth® option, you can read the State Of Charge (SOC) on your smart phone. If you bought the battery without Bluetooth®, you can measure the voltage - when it gets down to 11.3V, you are near full depletion.

Is there a battery box that 2 of these 100 AH batteries will fit in? We suggest you check
Do your batteries include adapters to create traditional "post" connections? No, that would be an option.
Do your 100 AH batteries provide enough power to  run a 700-watt microwave with just one of these batteries? As long as the inverter doesn't draw more than 100A you should be fine. Depending on the efficiency of your inverter, you are getting close to the threshold. For example, if the Inverter is 85% efficient (typical) you would draw about 850 watts from the battery so you should be OK.
Can I use this with another brand of LiFePo4 battery such as Battle Born LiFoPo4 of the same size? No. Due to the internal Battery Management circuitry, this is not feasible.
How are the batteries shipped or packed? We usually ship via UPS Ground. The batteries are well protected with styrofoam on all six sides and has UN specification packaging 4GV UN corrugated boxes.
What size should my ground wire be? First determine how many watts will you be discharging at once. Then convert that to Amps. Once you have the Amps figured out, use the ABYC chart for amps and cable length. Use the size in the chart.
Can you use this battery in your car if you live in northern latitude's? (below -10° F) This battery is not intended to start cars. You can use it to power other devices like an inverter, etc. The batteries won't charge at such low temperatures so we would recommend our self-heating batteries as an option.
Can I use this battery for an e-bike? Generally this battery is too large for an E-Bike. However we do have other lower amp-hour batteries for such applications.
What solar charge controllers are recommended to be used with your LiFePo4 batteries? MPPT Victron 100/30 smart controller is a good selection but there are many fine MPPT charge controllers out there.
Can these batteries start a bus? No. These batteries are not intended to start motor vehicles of any type.
Do these batteries have the intelligence to prevent over charging / draining too far or does it need another controller to do so? These batteries feature built in battery management system (BMS) so you don't require any additional control of any kind.
Is the OutBack Flexmax 60 charge controller compatible with your 100AH LiFePo4 battery? Yes.
Can a MinnKota 4 bank charger safely charge your batteries? Our understanding is they don't charge Lithium types of batteries.
Are your LiFePo4 batteries compatible with the music system in my car? LiFePo4 batteries are much better than lead acid for music systems. They are rated at 1C discharge rate which is 100 amps continuous (1200 watts at 12 volts) and 200 amps peak at 2400 watts.
Should I change out the existing power converter in my RV if I use one of these LiFePo4 batteries? Yes, we recommend that. Progressive Dynamics has drop in replacements for the charger in your current RV that charge LiFePo4 batteries.
Would replacing the existing RV battery with a LiFePo4 battery require a swap in inverter as well? If so, any information on what to look for? That depends on whether your RV charger is both an inverter and a charger, you may need to change the battery type setting on the inverter to closely match 14.4V absorb and 13.6V float. If it is just a regular 12V power inverter no changes would be required.
Is the battery waterproof? It is IP65 = Water resistant. “Protected against water jets from any angle” *Do NOT submerge IP65 devices in water.
Can your LiFePo4 batteries be installed and charged with my existing RV charger? As long as the parameters for your RV system charger are as set as follows: Bulk/Absorption voltage is between 14.2V-14.6 (14.4 is best) and the Float voltage is around 13.6V.
Can this LiFePo4 battery be shipped overseas international? Ocean freight would be the way to go. Find a freight forwarder who does consolidation for details on how to ship it.
How much does it weigh? Approximately 12 KG / 26.4 pounds.
I Have a 2017 airstream travel trailer w/ 3-stage controller: absorption (output 13.6v), bulk (when battery < 13.2v), and float. Will this work as-is? We recommend that the batteries charge at an absorption and bulk of 14.2V-14.6V and a float of 13.6V or lower.
I want to order multiple batteries. Do I get a discount? The pricing is for 1 to 49 batteries. If you order 50 batteries, you can receive a discount.
How long does it take to charge your LiFePo4 batteries? That depends on your charger but generally, these charge twice as fast as lead acid batteries. If your charger puts out 100 amps, you could charge this battery in an hour. However, please make sure you have heavy enough gauge wire to support 100A of charge current.
Can this be charged with a standard battery charger for lead acid deep cycle batteries? No. LiFePO4 batteries can’t be charged with the charging profile of lead acid batteries whether flooded or AGM. Lithium batteries can accept very high charging rates. These batteries are bulk charged quickly up to about 14.4 volts.
Can LiFePo4 batteries be connected in parallel with AGM batteries or do all batteries in my bank have to be replace with these? You need to replace all the batteries so it is the same type of battery. Never mix battery chemistries.
How do connect cables to this LiFePo4 battery? The batteries come standard with a screw style terminal post with an M8 hole to accommodate an M8 bolt and OT terminal. All batteries ship with M8 stainless steel bolts, steel washers, spring washer. WHEN CONNECTING TO BATTERY TERMINALS, DO NOT FINGER TIGHTEN. ALL CONNECTIONS MUST BE TIGHTENED TO THE SPECIFICATIONS OF THE BOLT MANUFACTURER. FOR THE BOLTS INCLUDED WITH THE BATTERY, TIGHTEN USING A TORQUE WRENCH OR SCREW DRIVE. FAILURE TO ADEQUATELY SECURING CONNECTIONS CAN RESULT IN FIRE.
What can I use as a battery monitor to measure charge level? We have models with Bluetooth® connectivity so you can monitor all battery functions on an Android or iPhone. If you have the non-Bluetooth® version you can use a Victron BMV-702. Just be sure to follow the instructions to ensure that the monitor is calibrated correctly.
Can  two of your 100 AH LiFePo4 batteries be connected in parallel? Yes, in fact you can connect 4 in parallel to get 400 AH if you like.
Do your LiFePo4 batteries have a low temperature cutoff? Yes. We also have a version of this battery that feature a low temperature charging option.
Can a NOCO GENIUS10, 10-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Charger charge your LiFePo4 batteries? Yes, it may take 10 hours to charge the battery with a 10-Amper Charger but it will eventually get the job done. Just make sure you select the Lithium option on the charger.
Will a Morningstar PS-30M ProStar 30 Amp PWM The PS-30M has a custom programming option, so input 14.4V for absorb and 13.6 for float. It will work but not as well as a charger designed for LiFePo4.
Can this be used in a power wheelchair? May be hard to fit in the wheelchair as our battery has a size closer to a type 27 battery. Power wheelchairs use Group U1 type batteries which are 35AH vs. 100AH and the size is different also.
Is it safe to assume that I will need less amp hours with your LiFePo4 batteries than traditional deep cycle batteries, since I can discharge the battery more than lead acid? That is a safe assumption as it would be like having a 130 AH AGM or Lead Acid battery.
My motorhome as four 12V batteries. How many of these will I need? There are a few other factors you will need to consider. The first is how much power you use in Amp Hours, the second is how much useable capacity your batteries hold, which is based of type of battery. Assuming you have 4 sealed lead acid 100 amp hours means you have 50% usable energy or 200 usable hours, with a LiFePo4 battery you can discharge 80% off the energy in the battery so 4 batteries would give you 320 Amp Hours.
Can I put this LiFePo4 12V 100 AH in series with a lead acid (12v) to make a 24v battery bank? No. Never mix battery types.
How do you connect your batteries? Is it done with lock washers and wing nuts? Does the hardware come with each battery? The batteries come standard with a screw style terminal post with an M8 hole to accommodate an M8 bolt and OT terminal. All batteries ship with M8 stainless steel bolts, steel washers, spring washer. WHEN CONNECTING TO BATTERY TERMINALS, DO NOT FINGER TIGHTEN. ALL CONNECTIONS MUST BE TIGHTENED TO THE SPECIFICATIONS OF THE BOLT MANUFACTURER. FOR THE BOLTS INCLUDED WITH THE BATTERY, TIGHTEN USING A TORQUE WRENCH OR SCREW DRIVE. FAILURE TO ADEQUATELY SECURING CONNECTIONS CAN RESULT IN FIRE.
Can I just drop this battery into my stock Forest River travel trailer without upgrading my charge controller? It depends on what type of charger you have. Most travel trailers still ship with lead-acid batteries and chargers. The ideal charging voltages for this battery are 14.4V for Bulk/Absorb and 13.6V for Float. If your charger can be programmed to meet those parameters, it will work. However, you might only get 90% charge. Because of that, we recommend replacing the charger. Progressive Dynamics makes LiFePo4 charger drop in replacements for RV's and trailers.
Can a 100 watt solar panel be used to charge this battery? Yes it can with the right Solar charge controller, however it can take up to 12 hours to recharge the battery with a 100W input.
Are there any chargers that can charge this battery from a 120 VAC wall outlet? Yes, there are many companies that make this including Progressive Dynamics and Victron.
How do you charge a LiFePo4 Battery? To get optimal performance and life, we recommend using a charger or MPPT Charge controller.
Will these batteries survive an electromagnetic pulse? Like all digital electronics, the Battery Management System is at risk should an EMP occur. This can be mitigated by building a Faraday cage around the battery. We are working on a BMP hardened version of this battery so check back from time-to-time.
Can I use your LiFePo4 battery in my truck? Does it need more than just the alternator to charge? Our batteries are not intended for starters of vehicles. A LiFePo4 battery has very low resistance, it will burn up a standard alternator.
What side of the battery is the positive terminal on? As you face the front of the battery with the label the positive terminal is the left side lug. It also has a red color to indicate the positive terminal.
My motorhome starter battery is lead acid and my House Batteries are LiFePo4? Do they they communicate with each other in a Fleetwood RV? The house batteries are only connected to the house system. The start battery only starts the vehicle, after starting the vehicle the alternator will first charge the start battery then revert to charge the house batteries. In actuality, they are not connected together.
Can this battery be connected to Trojan 6V batteries in series/parallel? No, it cannot. These are different battery types. It is better for all the batteries be of the same type from the same manufacturer due to the battery management system (BMS). Also never mix battery chemistries (i.e. Lead Acid with LiFePo4).
I've done some research and discovered that the charger built into my travel trailer would only charge this battery to 90%. Should I invest in another charger? Yes, we recommend you change the charger to get the full benefit of this battery. Progressive Dynamics makes drop in replacements for the travel trailer chargers that will charge LiFePo4 batteries.
Can just one of these LiFePo4 batteries run a 700 watt microwave oven with an inverter? Yes, the microwave would draw about 60 amps at 12 volts. This battery can run 100 amps continuously and 130 amps for 30 seconds.
After a fully charged my LiFePo4 reads at 13.78V, is this normal? Using a 2000w inverter, it drops to 13.03v then the inverter shuts down. If you are only getting 13.78V at a full charge indicates you are using a non-LiFePo4 charger.  It seems you are drawing too much power from the battery. A 2000W inverter could draw over 2000 watts from the battery. That is 166 amps out of the battery. One battery can deliver 100A continuously. We would recommend getting another battery and hooking it up in parallel with the first battery. This will give you 200A continuous and 260A peak for 30 seconds.
I am changing from a 200AH AGM to this battery in camper with solar system, what changes will I need to make when going to this LiFePo4 battery? Only change the volts up to 14.6 on the max and the low voltage disconnect to 11.2. Check your charger to see if it has a lithium setting. If it doesn't keep in mind you will only get 90% of a full charge. It would be better to get an MPPT charger that supports LiFePo4 batteries.
What is the recommendation on the space between the batteries when connected in series or parallel? There is no spacing requirement for either parallel or series. The inside of the battery has space between each cell, and the battery management system (BMS) will protect it from over-heating if the battery has been drawing too much current. I have mine sideways and stacked on each other. But I did use corrugated plastic to even them out, as they are not completely rectangular.
Will this LiFePo4 battery get damaged if it gets charged in the cold? Our LiFePo4 batteries have a Battery Management System (BMS) and just like an electric string trimmer (weed whacker), if the BMS detects the system is too hot, it will shut down to cool down before delivering more power. If the battery is too cold it has to warm up again before charging. We do have batteries that are self-heating. You may want to purchase one of these if you are concerned about charging in cold temperatures.
How low can I discharge one repeatedly without shortening the life of the battery? It is not advised to discharge more than 80%. A depth of discharge graph will show you the life expectancy based on depth of discharge. For example, if you discharge to 100% you can recharge up to 2000 times. 80% is 3000 recharges. 50% discharge 6000 recharges, 30% discharge 9000 recharges.
If I put this LiFePo4 battery in my 5th wheel should I also upgrade my charger or will the built in battery Management System (BMS) be enough? My existing charger is a WFCO Ultra III WF-9800. We would recommend changing your charger to the WF-9875LiS which has a lithium charging mode.
Do your LifePo4 batteries have a built-in Battery Management System (BMS)? Yes, our LiFePo4 batteries do have built-in BMS.
I have a Goal Zero YETI 3000. They offer AGM battery expansion modules. Is it possible instead to use these LiFePo4 batteries to expand my YETI? It should work, however the LiFePo4 battery will not charge to full capacity.
What is the C20 rating of this battery? LiFePo4 batteries have a nearly identical C10 AND C20 rating. The C20 rating of this LiFePo4 battery is 100AH at any rate 100A or below.
I have 3 100W solar panels, 2 12V batteries, 1 3000 watt inverter powering a pump of 1/2 hp. It starts pump and then quits. The AC current is 10 amps. It would seem you are only drawing 1200 watts from the inverter. Our guess is the batteries may not have been fully charged or they may have been recharged too many times and has only limited capacity. Monitor the voltage on each battery to see what it reads. Keep in mind 3 100W solar panels will only deliver 300W to the battery (through a MPPT charge controller) so that is about 25 amps. This would require 12 hours to fully recharge all three batteries.
How many batteries would I need for a 3000 watt inverter. Each battery delivers 1200 watts of power so you would need 3 batteries. However if you draw less than the maximum out of the inverter you could get by with less batteries but you would need to characterize your demand.
Can these batteries be a drop in replacement in an RV using the factory converter/charger? If you can set the charger to charge at a bulk / absorption to 14.4V and a float to 13.6V and turn off the equalization or set it to 14.4V, it would probably work. We do however recommend changing the charger to one made specifically for LiFePo4 batteries which will give you the best performance and battery life.  Progressive Dynamics makes drop in replacements to replace your current charger with a LiFePo4 charger.
Do you have bigger size like 150 or 200AH? Yes.
I find it difficult to connect several cables at once to your battery terminals. Do you know of any terminal adapters that can make hooking up several wires at once easier? Try using 200 amp BUS Terminals. You can find these on Amazon.
Can these batteries be charged with shore power? I have a Battery bank with 2 LiFePo4 100AH batteries.  What is the maximum current in amps that you can charge these to batteries at? These batteries can be charged at 1C (meaning fully charged in 1 hour) but since you have two in parallel you could go up to 200A. When you say shore power, we assume you are talking about the 30A (3 pin) or 50A (4 pin) AC hookups at a campground or Marine Dock. This is AC Power so you would still need a LiFePo4 charger in your camper or boat to charge the batteries.
I live in the northern latitudes. What are my options to charge these batteries during winter months when the sun is hardly ever out? If you are using solar panels to charge these, there won't be enough sunlight to charge them. If you have access to AC power from a utility company, you can charge these with a LiFePo4 charger from numerous sources. We have had good luck with Progressive Dynamics and Victron chargers.
Do your LiFePo4 batteries off-gas when charging like lead acid batteries do? Can I install one in the passenger compartment of my vehicle? LiFePo4 batteries do not off-gas. You can install these batteries in an enclosed space and even in an area like the passenger compartment of a vehicle.
What is the maximum charging current for your 100AH batteries? 100A is the maximum charging current.
Will 2 of your LiFePo4 batteries have an issue starting my Onan 7k generator in my motorhome? Onan's operating manual recommends a battery with 450 Cold Cranking Amps at 0°F so you would need 4 batteries in parallel to start your generator which is not as cost effective as a battery designed to start things.
What is the diameter of the bolt holes on the terminals? M8 female thread. The delivered screws are M8 * 16 mm washer head bolts, and the screw material is stainless steel.
What is the recommended torque setting for the bolts on the battery? The maximum screw torque is 15Nm. The positive and negative sides of the battery are silver-plated on the surface of copper. The hole depth is 10-11mm. The delivered screws are M8 * 16mm screws, and the screw material is stainless steel.
I plan to use your battery for 3 months, then put the motorhome in storage for one year. Any suggestion on proper care for the battery during that time? Fully charge the battery to 100% and disconnect it from everything.
Will one of these LiFePo4 batteries start a 7000W generator? No, these batteries are not intended as starter batteries.
Can I discharge your LiFePo4 batteries to zero vs 50% or will that damage the cycles long term? The higher the depth of discharge, the less number of recharges you will be able to get.  AmeriAmp has a depth of discharge chart. Please e-mail and we can send it over. Attachment to the right.
Can I install those batteries on its side or it needs to sit upright? You can mount our battery in any orientation even upside down.
How long can a LiFePo4 battery store unused before it deteriorates? There is no problem storing it for months because the self-discharge is very low.  You will still be able to use your battery after many months of storage.
Can I mount these LiFePo4 batteries in the engine room of my boat? Often the temperature will reach 125°F even with adequate ventilation. LiFePo4 batteries have a high temperature cutoff of 135°F so it should work but keep an eye on them to see how they perform in this relatively hot environment.
Is there a good web site to familiarize myself with LiFePo4 and off grid living? Yes, we would recommend checking out Mobile Solar Power Made Easy! - Mobile Solar Power: Made Easy! DIY Off-grid Solar Power! (
How many watt hours does each 100 AH battery deliver? 1280 watt hours 12.8V * 100A.
If your LiFePo4 battery has a Battery Management System, why does it need a controller to run off of my solar panels? The open circuit voltage of a 12V solar panel is 22 volts DC. If you have 2 in series, it becomes 44 volts DC. The batteries can accept a charge voltage of 14.6 Volts. Anything higher and the battery management system will disconnect the battery from the voltage source and your batteries will not charge. The charge controller regulates the voltage from the solar panel to a voltage the battery charging circuit can accept.
If a LiFePo4 battery can deliver all the energy in the battery how can I tell the state of discharge? You can use a battery monitor from the likes of Victron or you can opt for our Bluetooth®-enabled battery which shows the state of charge and discharge on your smart phone.
Regarding your warranty - is it transferable? Yes, it is if you have the original Proof of Purchase.
Will Progressive Dynamics 4560 work with your batteries? Yes, newer versions will - just make sure the Lead Acid / Lithium switch is set to Lithium.
I have an older motor home. Will the charger in the motorhome charge these batteries? We recommend you upgrade the charger to one that supports LiFePO4. Progressive Dynamics has many drop-in replacements for motor homes that charge LiFePO4 batteries.
Will your LiFePO4 batteries work with a trolling motor? Yes. These batteries are deep cycle batteries so they will work with trolling motors. Just make sure you have the right charger for these batteries. One significant benefit is the reduction in weight.
Is the 10-year warranty prorated or replacement? The warranty covers failure of the battery but does not cover depleted cells due to many charge / discharge cycles.
Can I mount these LiFePO4 outdoors on the trailer tongue inside a battery box of a motor home?

These can be mounted on the trailer tongue, however you need to be aware of high temperatures inside your battery box. Although LiFePO4 batteries perform better than Lead Acid in high temperatures, it does have limits. Below are the temperature limits for our batteries.

Charging Temperature: -31 °F (-35°C) to 122°F {50°C).

Discharge Temperature: -4°F (-20°C) to 140° F (60°C).

What gauge of wire should I use to connect two batteries together? We recommend using 4 AWG wire for the lowest impedance between the two batteries.
Do your batteries have a date imprinted on the battery? Yes, this is embedded in the serial number.
If I hooked 4 of your LiFePo4 in series would I get 48 volt AH capacity? You can hook 4 in series to get 48V but it will only be 100 AH. To get 400 AH at 48V you would have to hook sixteen batteries in Parallel / Series.
I only have 9.25 inches of height where I intend to install the batteries. Will your batteries fit including the terminal connections? It should fit. Our battery dimensions are below:

330 x 173 x 215 mm 

12.96 x 6.81 x 8.46 inches (L x W x H)

Similar to a group 27 lead-acid battery
I have a 5KW inverter. Will this Battery work? It will work assuming your load doesn't draw more than 100A out of the battery. A quick calculation of the 5KW inverter at full load would be as follows:  5000/12 = 416A (It's actually more because the 5KW inverter is not 100% efficient). If you have a 5K inverter that is intended to be used at full load, we would recommend putting 4 of these batteries in parallel.