How to Choose the Best Battery for Your Adventures

With the advances of technology and the dependence society has on it, the demand for power is growing. Along with it, the desire for greener, safer options is growing right along with it. There are many options available, such as lead-acid and AGM, but one battery stands out above the rest. The best option to go along with your solar power system, your van-life needs, camping, or anything else you might need power for is a LiFeP04, or Lithium-Iron Phosphate, battery.


  1. Usability

Our LiFeP04 batteries are lightweight, compact, and powerful. Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries have high energy density, meaning that they can store large amounts of power in a small package. For reference, the weight of a Lithium-Iron Phosphate battery is 40% of the weight of a lead-acid battery with similar capacity. The lightweight nature of LiFeP04 batteries means that it can go along with you on your adventures, and it’s powerful enough to get the job done.

  1. Superior Safety

The chemistry behind our Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries greatly reduces the risk of combustion due to high-impact, short-circuiting, or overcharging. You can rest easy knowing that your power storage is not only powerful, but safe as well.

  1. Longevity

AmeriAmp LiFeP04 batteries have an incredible life span—lasting between 10 and 20 years in comparison to the 1 to 3 years that the leading lead-acid options last. The longevity behind Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries contributes to the affordability as well, as you won’t have to replace them in the way that you have to replace other options.

  1. Higher Power

Because of its flat discharge curve, LiFeP04 batteries deliver twice the power of a lead-acid battery and an even higher discharge rate while maintaining high energy capacity. With a lower internal resistance, our batteries charge at a higher rate—meaning more power, consistently, for a longer period of time.

  1. Green

Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries have low levels of toxic metals, unlike lead-acid and Lithium Cobalt batteries. The materials that are used in traditional batteries are not only dangerous to handle, but misuse of these materials resulting in exposure is dangerous to humans, plants, and animals. Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries are safer and better for the environment, making them a responsible option.

 LiFeP04 batteries are the leading option in renewable energy solutions, and they continue to do so as the need for clean energy storage options increases. We at AmeriAmp are passionate about providing safe, powerful, reliable and compact clean energy solutions to help #PowerYourAdventures.



LiFePo4 12.8V 100AH Lithium Iron Phosphate Long Lasting Core Battery (Non-Bluetooth)


This is our entry-level battery, with 12.8V @ 100AH. It’s the perfect option if you are looking for a basic, yet still powerful, energy storage option staple.


LiFePo4 12.8V 100AH Long Lasting Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery w/ Bluetooth® Monitoring


This is our mid-level option, with the same power as our first battery, but with the added Bluetooth® monitoring capability—meaning you can check on the status and charge of your battery right from your phone!


LiFePo4 12.8V 100AH Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery w/ Bluetooth® Monitoring & Internal Warming Circuit


This battery is our most advanced battery yet. It’s powerful, compact, and has all of the specs that you need for adventuring. Not only does this battery have Bluetooth® monitoring, but it also hosts an internal-warming circuit, meaning that this battery can charge and be used in below-freezing temperatures!


Regardless of your energy needs, we are confident that we have the options you need. We will keep innovating, and we will always be here for you to #PowerYourAdventures.


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